Frequently Asked Questions

I'm enrolled in a course and I have questions! Where can I get help?

If you’ve got questions about the material in any of the EMPossible courses, please email them to the EMProfessor at [email protected]. Please note - we will do our best to answer any questions you may have regarding the material covered in our courses. However, we cannot debug your own personal codes or advise on projects outside the scope of the course. If a consultation is desired on a project, please contact [email protected] to discuss independent project consultation options.

Where can I download the code?

We do not offer the option to download any of the codes taught in a particular course. We have found that downloading codes puts students in a “code hacking” mode instead of a “code thinking” mode of operation. This impedes the learning process and causes more confusion and questions than it solved. Working through our courses, you will build the code yourself following the instruction from the EMProfessor - so you learn what each line is doing and how it works. After working through the course, you will have functioning codes that you will fully understand and can easily modify to your specific needs.

I can’t access my course anymore!

EMPossible courses are sold with a guaranteed one year of access. This policy was put in place in case we ever need to discontinue or remove a course. If it has been more than a year since you purchased a course and would like access, please email [email protected].

I want to learn more - what other resources do you have available?

Many free resources are available on a variety of topics on the EMPossible website, under the Academics tab. There are additional resources, such as open source software and equipment tutorials available on the Resources tab at

Can I get a student discount?

The courses are already at student discount prices.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer any additional discounts. For a variety of free resources, please see the Academicsand Resources tab on, as well as the EMPossible YouTube channel

I’d like to know more about the EMProfessor’s research.

The EMProfessor (AKA Dr. Raymond C. Rumpf) has a variety of highly ambitious research and business projects. He is a full-time professor and researcher at the University of Texas at El Paso, Director of the EMLab at UTEP, and Chief Technology Officer for Kraetonics, LLC. You can find more information about the EMProfessor and his research at

Don't see your question answered here? Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you!